Month: November 2014

Matt Langley has joined our ranks

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Dunedin folk musician Matt Langley has affirmed that he is going to contribute to Zelle‘s Robbie Burns record (working title: Ae Fond Kiss).

“Petite Selfie” out now

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Darryl Baser‘s teaser CDep, Petite Selfie, is now available through Powertool Records. Still waiting for the LP, Raw Selfie

Petite Selfie.
Petite Selfie.

Cooperation with

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Zelle‘s Robbie Burns record (working title: Ae Fond Kiss) will be released in cooperation with

Dunedin Double LP?

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David Kilgour (The Clean, David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights) and his brother Hamish Kilgour (The Clean, The Mad Scene) both joined our Robbie Burns On Vinyl fold yesterday. Wow! A double LP is becoming ever more likely. We’ll see. Working title could be Ae Fond Kiss. Hello, all ye merry Robbie Rocks Dunedin 2015 contestants! Please do feel free to get in touch ­čÖé

Sea Fog to contribute to Robbie Burns LP

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Robin Sharma‘s contribution to Zelle‘s Robbie Burns LP project will probably be a band effort. Together with three-piece Sea Fog, he has sucessfully rehearsed Ae Fond Kiss. Says Sharma: “Sounded good.” Sea Fog is Robin Sharma, Marty Sadler and Nigel Waters.

Robbie Rocks Dunedin 2015 – Robbie Rocks On Vinyl

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The 2015 edition of Toitu‘s Robbie Rocks Dunedin competition is in full swing. Deadline is December 19, 2014. See for details.

Picture stolen from Toitu's website.
Picture stolen from Toitu’s website.

As you may have already heard, Zelle Records is planning to release an LP or maybe even a double LP to accompany the competition. The following artists have already signalled they’d like to contribute a Robbie Burns song to the release: Darryl Baser, Bill Direen (Bilders), David Mitchell (The 3Ds, Ghost Club, Leather Apron, etc.) Tenzin Mullin (Heka, The David Lynch Mob etc.), Robert Scott (The Clean, The Bats, Bob Scott & The Morporks etc.), Aaron Sharma, Mark Sharma (The David Lynch Mob etc.), Robin Sharma (Jetty, Sea Fog etc.), Eden Smith (winner Robbie Rocks Dunedin 2014, open section), and Mark Williams (MarineVille, Bad Statistics etc.).

There is no fixed deadline for the Zelle project. But if you’d like to contribute a song, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Darryl Baser teaser CD

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Powertool Records is going to release a CDep entitled Petite Selfie to whet music lovers’s appetite for Darryl Baser’s impending debut LP, Raw Selfie, out on Zelle Records any time soon. The teaser CD will contain original material from the LP and some covers.

"Petite Selfie" teaser CD. Artwork by Sarah Flourish.
“Petite Selfie” teaser CD. Artwork by Sarah Flourish.

Available through Powertool Records.