Month: May 2015

Jay Clarkson’s new album “Spur” to be released on Zelle Records

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Following on from her last album, 2008’s critically acclaimed CD “Over the Mountain”, singer/songwriter Jay Clarkson has finalised another major work.

“SPUR” will showcase her most recent collection of recorded songs, all songs written in the time frame of 2010-2013, “Walking Boots” being the exception, this song having been penned around 2007.

The new album will see the light of day as a Zelle vinyl release any time soon.

Jay Clarkson by Jay Clarkson.
Jay Clarkson.

New video from Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs

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The song is from Zelle‘s upcoming Robbie Burns compilation, “Ae Fond Kiss“, out on Zelle Records any time pretty soon.