Month: May 2016


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Once again Thokei Tapes has unearthed a treasure-trove, 22 tracks (24 including the downloadable extra tracks) by NZ indie legend Chris Knox ranging from pretty rare to very rare. Released seven years after Chris Knox’s life-altering stroke, this cassette is the next best thing to a new double album from the former frontman of NZ’s early and seminal punk icons The Enemy and Toy Love and one half of guitar duo Tall Dwarfs.


Knox has been active and immensely inspirational to many in various fields. Working as an experimental filmmaker, a cartoonist, music writer, critic, producer, and of course a prolific musician, he was one of the key figures of the budding indie music scene of the eighties and crucially involved in the rise of the legendary Flying Nun label. After the break-up of Toy Love in 1980, Knox continued to record and release music in his unique and distinctive style, solo and with his duo partner and former bandmate Alec Bathgate, and in the final years leading up to 2009 with new punk outfit The Nothing. Knox still performs occasionally today. For many years now, Chris Knox has been not only a living legend of the counterculture but also considered a national treasure or taonga and greatly respected by people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds.

KnoxTraxFine brings together compilation, limited cassette, b-side and other tracks including a wedding version of his 1989 hit Not Given Lightly or inspired cover versions of songs by Abba, The Great Unwashed, Alec Bathgate, The Fall – whose 1982 NZ tour Knox recorded for Flying Nun – and John Lennon and The Beatles, whom he admires greatly. This cassette is a must-have even for those who have a wide selection of Chris Knox and Tall Dwarfs records in their collections. Noisy and deeply moving, profound and witty, these 24 songs hold quite a few surprises, just as their multi-talented author has always been full of them.


Darryl Baser & Friends – Alternative Country with Oddball Covers

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At this weekend’s Music Saturday, Darryl Baser & Friends are playing in the Josephine Foyer at Toitu, Sat, 21 May, 2:30pm. Be there or be square.


Collaboration with Grapefruit

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Howdy, US customers! We are about to strike a deal with the Grapefruit Record Club in Omaha, NE. In a few days’ time, you will be able to order Zelle vinyl through Grapefruit and save tons of money on postage. Even if you order from the Zelle website, you will profit from that arrangement because your copy will be shipped by Grapefruit – lower cost, less waiting, more joy!


You’ll be able to order Zelle vinyl from Grapefruit even if you’re not a US resident, of course. This will especially make sense if you’re ordering other, non-Zelle, items, too or if you live somewhere else in the Americas.

Vorn 7″ almost sold out!

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There is only one copy of Vorn’s 7″ Repentance Song/Flint and Tinder left! ORDER NOW!

Bill Direen putting finishing touches to second Robbie Burns track

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Bill Direen wrote on FB: “Just finished fourth mix of my song submission for Arno’s second Burns album concept. Just under 2 minutes.”


For our first Robbie Burns com, Ae Fond Kiss, Bill recorded There’s a Youth In This City.