Month: June 2016

“My Bonie Bell”

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The new Robbie Burns comp finally has a name, My Bonie Bell, after the bard’s 1791 poem of the same title. The album’s title song, My Bonie Bell, is a new track by Robert Scott who already contributed a song to Ae Fond Kiss, our first Burns comp.


My Bonie Bell (Robert Burns)


The smiling Spring comes in rejoicing,
And surly Winter grimly flies;
Now crystal clear are the falling waters,
And bonie blue are the sunny skies.
Fresh o’er the mountains breaks forth the morning,
The ev’ning gilds the ocean’s swell;
All creatures joy in the sun’s returning,
And I rejoice in my bonie Bell.

The flowery Spring leads sunny Summer,
The yellow Autumn presses near;
Then in his turn comes gloomy Winter,
Till smiling Spring again appear:
Thus seasons dancing, life advancing,
Old Time and Nature their changes tell;
But never ranging, still unchanging,
I adore my bonie Bell.

Jay Clarkson – Spur (Zelle)

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“Jay Clarkson sits uncomfortably in the South Island indie continuum,” writes Audioculture, “She didn’t play the folk pop card, thump the garage rock drum or end up shaping sound or free noise…

Source: Jay Clarkson – Spur (Zelle)

“Raise Your Skinny Fist” by Seafog

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“When you’re stuck inside the song/ and the nights are so long” Songs about songs, about listening to songs, about living with songs, about living in songs? Here’s one, stra…

Source: “Raise Your Skinny Fist” by Seafog

New Grapefruit prices

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I talked to Simon Joyner of the Grapefruit Records Club, and we both agreed to lower the Grapefruit prices of Zelle vinyl distributed through Grapefruit. Was US$21.00, is US$20.00.

Seafog‘s debut album, Raise Your Skinny Fist, can be ordered from Grapefruit too now.

Seafog Raise front


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Seafog‘s debut album, Raise Your Skinny Fist, is now in stock and ready to order.

Zelle vinyl now available from Grapefruit

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Howdie US customers,

Jay Clarkson‘s Spur and Darryl Baser‘s Raw Selfie both have arrived at the Grapefruit Record Club‘s warehose in Omaha, NE. US customer can order those items either through the Grapefruit website or through our own website. Either way, the vinyl will be mailed by the wonderful people at Grapefruit which will make shipping a lot cheaper for you. LPs are US$21.00 each which admittedly is more than what we used to charge, but you’ll still be saving money.