Month: December 2017

My Bonie Bell

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His art show Collecting & Cataloguing at Potocki Paterson Art Gallery, Wellington, having finished, graphic artist and musician Mark Sharma has started working on the cover design for Dunedin/Edinburgh Robbie Burns comp, My Bonie Bell. The artwork will be based on a painting of Larnach Castle on the Otago Peninsula, by friend and former bandmate Emma Milburn. Mark Sharma has also contributed musically to the album, in his capacity as one third of The Sharma Brothers, the other two thirds being his brothers Robin (of Port Chalmers trio Seafog) and Aaron (aka AJ) Sharma.

My Bonie Bell will be released as soon as possible, thanks to the generous financial support of all those who contributed to the My Bonie Bell Boosted campaign and thanks to the support of everybody who celebrated Zelle Fest with us at The Crown last August – and everybody else.