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Hey, kids! There’s a new record shop in town! And a good one, at that. It’s called Wiener LP Café, is located in Vienna, obviously, in the 3rd District, and carries goodies from Zelle Records, Fishrider Records and CocoMuse Releases – and even the super rare Leather Apron EP (Long Lost Music). The shop is indeed, as its name suggests, a record shop cum café. Owner Kay Burki is a professional sound technician. The address is Erdbergstraße 10. Does that ring a bell? Well, it’s just a few meters away from the spot (Erdbergstraße 41, in Erdberg) where King Richard I Coeur-de-Lion of England, while returning from the Holy Land, was captured by Duke Leopold of Austria in 1192.

King Richard I of England

Kay is talking about putting up a Kiwi Rock box in his shop. Ha! That would be awesome!

One thought on “LP Café

    tootonesbored said:
    September 12, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    ….mmmmm…kiwi rock box…..

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