Month: June 2019

Talent Contest

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Kia ora,

My friend Stefan Bachmann of the VIP Record Club in Salzburg tells me he is planning an international competition for bands and solo artists who are keen to do an album, or participate in a compilation or suchlike.

Applications to Please include information as regards the band/act/band bio, pictures and videos if there are any. eight to twelve tracks would be ideal, as essentially this is about an album. There are contestants who have submitted less, so split albums and comps. It’s pretty open. The same goes for musical genre. Anything goes, really.

Ideally, tracks should be mastered and ready to go, but this is not a knockout criterion. Concerts, live streamings etc. are also in some stage of planning, possibly there will be a slot at the next Ottakringer Music and Vinyl Festival in Vienna, next March. By early August (2019), Stefan will certainly know a lot more. Don’t hesitate to contact him or/and me.

Hei konā mai,


We have moved

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Zelle Records has set up new headquarters in Leopoldstadt, Vienna’s 2nd District. While our stock is currently still in the vault in Holochergasse, in the 16th (Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus), we can of course track down anything you need and ship it to you, wherever you are. Any chaos at Zelle, if it exists, is only temporary. Our new address is Weintraubengasse 30/17, 1020 Wien, Austria.