Zelle Records is a Kiwi music label operating from an old desk in a lounge in Vienna, Austria. We aim to make available flabbergasting alternative rock and pop music from Dunedin and elsewhere in New Zealand on vinyl. Many wonderful musicians, famous, semi-famous or utterly, yet unrightfully obscure, have been sitting on tons of unpublished material for ages, or they have only put out downloads or CD’s so far, or they just haven’t found the right label yet to make a vinyl record with. We want to change that.

We release limited editions of 7″, 10″ or 12″ records, in superb quality and in small runs of only 200-300 copies. The majority of our records is made available to the record buying public in NZ in close cooperation with our partner label Powertool Records, Auckland, while about 1/4 of each run is sold internationally, to music lovers in Europe, America and worldwide.

If you’d like to be a Zelle artist or if you wish to purchase any of our records, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Zelle Records is a member of VTMÖ (Verband unabhängiger Tonträgerunternehmen, Musikverlage und MusikproduzentInnen Österreich), aka Indies.at. Austrians like long and complicated names and expressions.

Zelle Records – Arno Loeffler

Weintraubengasse 30/17

1020 Wien (Vienna)

Oesterreich (Austria)

zellerecords@gmail.com, +43-699-17294114


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