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Zelle Records has set up new headquarters in Leopoldstadt, Vienna’s 2nd District. While our stock is currently still in the vault in Holochergasse, in the 16th (Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus), we can of course track down anything you need and ship it to you, wherever you are. Any chaos at Zelle, if it exists, is only temporary. Our new address is Weintraubengasse 30/17, 1020 Wien, Austria.


“Order! Order!”

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John Bercow

Seafog‘s new double album, Animal Lovers, will be ready to ship very soon. Technically, it would still be a pre-order, but it can only be a matter of days until the vinyl arrives in Vienna.

In case you haven’t discovered our Zelle+ Further Listening section, yes, it’s actually a thing. All the goodies there can and may indeed be ordered. Better do it now. Stock is typically very limited.

“You Do You” out at last!

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Finally, the Negative Nancies 12” EP, You Do You, has been greenlit for immediate release by CocoMuse label boss Regan Elliott. Order now.


New album from Francisca Griffin

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Two decades after her first solo album, Some from the Sky (1998), Look Blue Go Purple‘s Francisca Griffin, formerly known as Kathy Bull, has a new album out, on our Christchurch partner label, Regan Elliott‘s CocoMuse Releases. The LP is called The Spaces Between and will be launched on 25 January. It was recorded at the Anteroom, Port Chalmers, in only two consecutive days, on 4 and 5 April, 2015. We have a small contingent here in Vienna. If you live outside NZ, it might make sense for you (pre)order from us. See our Zelle+ subpage.the spaces between

“Animal Lovers” ready to pre-order

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The new Seafog double LP, Animal Lovers, can now be pre-ordered from Zelle Records. The test pressing sounds amazing! Great job, Seafog! Great job, Forbes Williams! Great job, Duophonic! Pre-order price is €27.00+ p&p. Place your pre-order now before all the invoices come in and we have to put the price up …

animal lover ablum cover jpeg for arno

Raffmond 1994

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Back in the nineties, Edmund Epple‘s Raffmond label in Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, brought Kiwi Rock to Germany and to the world. Raffmond artists include The Terminals, The Cakekitchen, Peter Jefferies and others.Raffmond

Last week, Ede went downstairs to his secret vaults and dug up some long forgotten LP’s he then put into a box and mailed us. Check out our Further Listening sub page for original pressings of three Raffmond classics, all dating from 1994: Stompin’ Thru The Boneyard and World Of Sand by The Cakekitchen and Electricity by Peter Jefferies.

Green light

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Aume (austro mechana) has given Seafog‘s Animal Lovers double LP the go-ahead.animal lover ablum cover jpeg for arno