Strang’s Strings & Co., Logan Park session, 2016.

To find out more about Zelle artists, please check their individual sub-pages. In addition to the artists whose individual records we have released or are going to release, there are also those other Zelle artists who have been kind enough to contribute to the Robbie Burns compilations, Ae Fond Kiss and My Bonie Bell: Baa Baa and the Black Sheep, Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs, The David Lynch Mob, Lachie Hayes, Hamish & David Kilgour, Matt Langley, The Maitlands, David Mitchell, Roy Møller, Partial Fancies, Mike Puke, Quibokk, Rosa, Rachel and Chelsea, Robert Scott, Eden Smith, AJ Sharma, The Sharma Brothers, Strang’s Strings & Co., The Tarseals, Bridget Telfer.

Zelle Fest at The Crown Hotel, Dunedin, on 12 August 2017, saw an impressive number of new Zelle artists emerge, namely those who haven’t recorded for Zelle yet but were kind enough to perform at that wonderful event. Those artists include Baracuda, Jay Clarkson‘s new band, The Containers; Francisca Griffin, Chris Heazlewood, Shakes & The Swell Guys; a brand new Dunedin incarnation of MarineVille, and everybody who played with the listed artists.

If you want to be a Zelle Records artist, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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