Jay Clarkson

Composer and musician JAY CLARKSON has had albums released in NZ through Flying Nun, Arch Hill and Arclife over a period spanning the 80s and up to 2008. Titles include: KINDLE, PACKET, IN-BETWEEN GEARS, BIG STRAIN, MISERICORD, OVER THE MOUNTAIN. The latter (a collaboration with Johannes Contag released in 2008) was toured upon its release with The Matches, a thoroughly able three-piece backing Jay.

Jay’s most memorable hits so far have been “Man With no Desire” and “The Boy With the Sad Hands”.

Jay Clarkson by Jay Clarkson.
Jay Clarkson.

Originally a member of Christchurch band THE PLAYTHINGS (1980-1982), Jay went on to form THEY WERE EXPENDABLE in 1983, out of whom grew THE EXPENDABLES and later BREATHING CAGE who survived until 1993.

Since then Jay has performed solo and in duo mode.

Jay’s current album SPUR showcases her most recent collection of recorded songs, all songs written in the time frame of 2010-2013, “Walking Boots” being the exception, this song having been penned around 2007.

Jay’s style has been described as “alternative rock”, “character sketches full of vivid images”, “intimate”, “a rainbow of colours”, “sitting uncomfortably in the South Island indie continuum”, and “refraining from playing over-eager folk pop card or thumping the fan-ish garage rock drum.” Even though Jay Clarkson is widely known and liked by many for her distinctive voice, her initial focus in her musical life was guitar-playing and this still forms the often intricate but always strong basis of her work.

Jay Clarkson has recorded a song, Farewell To the Highlands, for Zelle‘s Robert Burns comp, My Bonie Bell. On 12 August 2017, Jay and her new band, The Containers (Alan Haig, Mike Dooley, David Glynn) performed at Zelle Fest, at The Crown Hotel, Dunedin:

In March 2019, original Containers bass player Dave Glynn moved to Wellington to do a Vic Uni writing course and was replaced by John White. In early October, John White departed for an extended journey to Asia and was replaced by Tenzin Mullin. The new lineup of the band is currently recording a new album at Tom Bell’s recording facility.

Click HERE for Jay Clarkson‘s website.

Further reading: http://www.audioculture.co.nz/people/jay-clarkson-band

Click HERE for Michael Wilde‘s interview with and radio show (23 May 2017) focusing on Jay Clarkson on WGXC 90.7 FM Hudson NY.

Available from us:

  • Spur (ZR005, Zelle Records LP, 2015, €16.00 + p&p)
  • My Bonie Bell (one track, Farewell to the Highlands, on Robbie Burns comp ZR008, Zelle Records LP, 2018, €16.50 + p&p)
  • Kindle (Arclife CD, 1999, €10.00 + p&p)

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