Seafog is the most recent of the many band projects of songwriter, guitarist and singer Robin Sharma from Port Chalmers, Dunedin. The trio (Robin Sharma, Marty Sadler and Nigel Waters) has recorded the title song Ae Fond Kiss for Zelle‘s first Robbie Burns LP project. Seafog‘s debut album, Raise Your Skinny Fist, recorded, mixed and mastered by Forbes Williams, was released by Zelle on 15 June 2016.

From left: Marty Sadler, Robin Sharma, Nigel Waters.

Currently, Seafog and Zelle Records are preparing the release of a 12″ EP entitled Dig It On Up. The band is also writing and recording material for a second full length album tentatively titled Self Kill Boys vs Animal Lovers.

Together with his brothers Aaron and Mark (of The David Lynch Mob), Robin Sharma has recorded the song Her Daddy Forbade for our impending Robbie Burns compilation, My Bonie Bell.

Seafog – from left: Nigel Waters, Marty Sadler, and Robin Sharma.

Seafog are touring a lot around the South Island. Check our Tour Calendar section for details.

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