The David Lynch Mob

The David Lynch Mob.
The David Lynch Mob.


“We don’t play songs.” So what do they play? Them, The David Lynch Mob, that’s Andy Eagan, Tenzin Mullin, Mark Sharma, and Tony Tarasiewicz, in (hopefully) alphabetical order. The group have been busy recording in their practice room in Dunedin for a few months now. The world can’t wait to hear the results. Well, that’s what Zelle Records is here for, after all. Keep fingers crossed.

The David Lynch Mob have started putting stuff on Soundcloud. Almost does sound like songs a bit, doesn’t it? 😉

The David Lynch Mob has recorded the song O Wert Thou In the Cauld Blast for Zelle‘s Robbie Burns LP project, Ae Fond Kiss, released in November 2015.


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