Gainesville, Florida

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Tēnā koutou Zelle Records whanau,

As for the period July-December 2014, our Office will be temporarily relocated to Gainesville, Florida. So sending snailmail to our Viennese address during that time might be not such a tremendously good idea. Nothing else is going to change, though. Business as usual.

Hei konā mai me te aroha, Arno




… Breaking News …

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Mark Sharma‘s band has finally got a name: The David Lynch Mob.

HOORAY! And up they resurfaced!

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As we’ve just been informed, Vorn‘s 7″ Repentance Song b/w Flint and Tinder has finally arived at Powertool Records, Auckland. So don’t hesitate get in touch with Powertool to get your hands on one of those rare gems now. There are only 160 copies in the southern hemisphere!

Considering a move to FL

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Dear vinyl whanau,

If everything goes according to plan, I might spend a few months in Gainesville, Florida, starting this coming August. Nothing but swamps and alligators, and a uni with a big football stadium. Whatever happens, rest assured that Zelle Records will stay operational. I’ll keep you posted.

Yours truly,


Vorn single has been shipped!

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Good news from Zelle Records! Repentance Song b/w Flint and Tinder, Vorn‘s new single, has finally been shipped. Wherever you are, it’s on its way to YOU.

If you’re in NZ, get in touch with Powertool Records or talk to your local vinyl dealer. If you’re in Europe or elsewhere, order here.