ZR012 Seafog: Animal Lovers

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Artist: Seafog

Title: Dig It On Up

Run: 300

Format: 2 LP

Catalogue number: ZR012

Release Date: 10 February, 2019

Artwork: Sarah Sharma

Original painting: Martyn Sadler

Gatefold drawing: Robin Sharma

Recorded at the Anteroom, Port Chalmers, New Zealand

Engineered by Forbes Williams


Track list:

  • What You Do
  • White Is Not A Colour
  • Purakaunui
  • Hail To The Mother
  • Rushing
  • Centre Of The Heart
  • Colours
  • Sanctuary
  • Life Is A Truck
  • Just Because
  • Feelings
  • Voice
  • Indian Reservation
  • Song To The Hairless Ape
  • Looking For A Friend
  • What The Heck

All songs written by Robin Sharma, music by Seafog.