ZR009 MarineVille: Penguins Ate My Chips

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Artist: MarineVille

Title: Penguins Ate My Chips

Run: 313

Format: LP

Catalogue number: ZR009

Release Date: 7 March, 2017

Track list:

  1. 75 Watts Frosted
  2. 15 Wax Tears
  3. Semiotic Rock
  4. Nick the Sulk
  5. Cuckoo
  6. Unseen
  7. The Furniture
  8. Jack Hughes
  9. Face
  10. Eat Toast
  11. Dear Florence
  12. Nick’s In the Clink

Mark Williams – guitar, vox
Greg Cairns – drums
Jeremy Coubrough – keyboard
Denise Roughan – bass, backing vox

Tracks 1-6 recorded by Warner Emery at the Karate Building (2013), mixed by
Forbes Williams, Dunedin (2015). Tracks 6-12 recorded and mixed by Jeremy
Coubrough at Unit E, Newtown, Wellington (2011). Tracks 9&10 originally
released on 7″ single Face/Eat Toast, Epic Sweep (2012).
Album mastered by Forbes Williams.

All songs p+c MarineVille. Cover from Public Domain.
Thanks to: Forbes for his ears, attention to detail and generosity; Warner for
making it easy and getting it down; Teneti Ririnui/Epic Sweep for previous
releases and support; Andy Wright and JRL for photoshop wrangling and
instructions; Kirsten Van Newtown, Alan Sunderland, The Terminals.

PT LOGONZ distribution: Powertool Records

You can also find the album on Bandcamp.

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The dozen songs on Penguins Ate My Chips continue the musical trajectory of their previous release – “no-wave keyboards, coarse and/or slashing guitar and those non-mawkish emo vocals that NZ is famous for …” (Byron Coley).

Click HERE to read Graham Reid‘s Elsewhere review of Penguins Ate My Chips.

Penguins Ate My Chips has a unique Kiwi Punk underground flavour, and in my opinion is well worth a listen to.” Click HERE to read the full review on http://www.muzic.net.nz.

“MarineVille hail from Wellington and play a raw and distinctively New Zealand version of “driving rock” music.” Click HERE for the PopLib review.

Purchase includes a download code for both the entire album and 15 Wax Tears, a collection of MarineVille (same lineup) live recordings dating from 2011. 15 Wax Tears was originally released on cassette by Epic Sweep Records on November 14, 2012, and has some Penguins songs and some MarineVille “classics” from the previous three albums.

15 Wax Tears cassette (Epic Sweep Records, 2012).