Z+ Further Listening


Francisca Griffin: The Spaces Between

CocoMuse Releases, 2019

12” LP + DL €21 + p+p

Negative Nancies: You Do You

CocoMuse Releases, 2018

12” EP + DL €21 + p+p

One Man Bannister: Evolver

Thokei Tapes, 2016

MC + DL €5 + p&p

Azalia Snail: Neon Resistance

Thokei Tapes, 2018

MC + DL €5 + p&p

J. M. Kelcher: Actual Disorganiser

Thokei Tapes, 2018

MC + DL €5 + p&p

Thurston Moore With Tom Surgal: Klangfarbenmelodie

Corpus Hermeticum, 1995

CD €15.00 + p&p

Alan Jenkins & The Creams: ie


Cordelia/Raffmond, 1994

CD €6.00 + p&p

A Handful Of Dust: Musica Humana


Corpus Hermeticum, 1994

CD, €16 + p&p

The Terminals: Touch

Raffmond, 1992

LP €18+ p&p

The Cakekitchen: Far From The Sun

Raffmond, 1993

CD €3.50 + p&p

The Cakekitchen: The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Raffmond, 1996

LP €16.50+ p&p

The Cakekitchen: Stompin’ Thru The Boneyard


Raffmond, 1994

LP €16.50 + p&p

The Cakekitchen: World Of Sand


Raffmond, 1994

LP €16.50 + p&p

Peter Jefferies: Electricity


Raffmond, 1994

LP €16.50 + p&p

L$D Fundraiser: Witness Disco

CocoMuse Releases, 2018

LP with download card €21 + p&p

AJ Sharma: Tabla Diablo

CocoMuse Releases, 2017

LP €21 + p&p

Ov Pain: Ov Pain

CocoMuse Releases, 2017

LP + download €21 + p&p


Trick Mammoth: Floristry

Fishrider Records, 2014

LP €19 + p&p

Death and the Maiden: Death and the Maiden

Fishrider Records, 2015

LP €19 + p&p

The Prophet Hens: The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys

Fishrider Records, 2016

LP €19 + p&p

Opposite Sex: Opposite Sex

Fishrider Records, 2014

LP €19 + p&p


Leather Apron: Leather Apron

Long Lost Music, 2005

Songs written by David Mitchell and Jeffrey Lee Pierce

10″ €19.00 + p&p


Motte: Strange Dreams

Written and performed by Motte (Anita Clark). Synth and sonic percussion by Indira Force. 2017,  CocoMuseReleases

LP + download €21.00 + p&p


Jay Clarkson: Kindle

Released through Arclife in 1999, this wee gem was recorded by Jay on a Tascam 4-track. Described by Chris Knox as “simply SIMPLY gorgeous. 9 songs of casual, unassuming beauty”, this album was voted by Pavement’s Peter McLennon to be one of 2000’s top 5.

CD. €10.00 + p&p, thanks. Also available as download from Jay’s website. OUT OF STOCK


Sandra Bell: Net

IMD, 1995

CD €6.50+ p&p


Nocturnal Projections: Nerve Ends In Power Lines

Raffmond, 1995

CD €24.00 + p&p

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