Shipping – p&p


We don’t want to rob you blind. We charge just as much for p&p as we are charged by Österreichische Post AG for the postage. Click HERE for detailed information on postage zones. Unless you ask us to do otherwise, we will aim for the cheapest option. If you prefer some other carrier rather than Österreichische Post AG, let us know.

Currently, for one, two or even three LP’s, postage and thus p&p is, depending on where you are, as follows:

ALDE0001 Alderney – GBA: €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

Flag-Australia Australia – AUS: €21.80 (Zone 5, Brief Economy XL)

Flagge_oesterreich Austria – A: €6.00 (Österreich, Päckchen M)

Sir-David-and-Sir-Frederi-009 Brecqhou: €29.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL + random fee)

flag-of-canada Canada – CDN: €18.92 (Zone 3, Paket light M)

eu European Union (European part other than Austria): €9.90 (Zone 1, Brief Economy XL)

flag_of_the_faroe_islands_bordered-svg Faroe Islands – FO: €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

gibraltar-flag Gibraltar – GBZ: €9.90 (Zone 1, Brief Economy XL; Gibraltar customers please consider ordering from Briefcase Vinyl) 14656329_575630999289948_6711094947223280131_n

greenland_1496 Greenland – KN: €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

800px-Flag_of_Guernsey_svg Guernsey – GBG (including Herm): €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

800px-ISS_insignia.svg International Space Station: €10,000.00 (rocket payload)

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from (Bailiwick of) Jersey – GBJ: €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

1000px-Flag_of_Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein – FL: €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

Flag_of_the_Isle_of_Mann.svg (Isle of) Man – GBM: €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

800px-Flag_of_New_Zealand (Realm of) New Zealand – NZ: €21.80 (Zone 5, Brief Economy XL; NZ customers please consider ordering from our NZ distribution partners)

SARK0001 Sark (without Brecqhou): €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

schweizer-fahne-oesen-schweiz-flagge_0_g Switzerland – CH: €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

Flag-UK UK – GB: €9.90 (Zone 1, Brief Economy XL)

1235px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg USA (Continental US): MDE5RjBDQUM2MDNCQUNBMUNCRDk6MGNjNTllYTU3YWMxNjVlMzM1YjlmMGI0YmI5YzExODk6Ojo6OjA= Shipping to US destinations from the Grapefruit Record Club’s warehouse is US$5.50 for a single LP. For each additional LP, add US$1.00. NOTE THAT DIFFERENT VINYL PRICES APPLY IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION. Just shoot us an email. – Alternatively, order directly from the Grapefruit Record Club. – Ordering the old-fashioned way (from our Vienna warehouse) is €18.92 for p&p (Zone 3, Paket light M).

500px-Flag_of_the_Vatican_City.svg Vatican – V: €9.90 (Zone 2, Brief Economy XL)

If you live anywhere else or would like to buy anything different from one, two or three lps, don’t worry. We’ll suss it out for you. Click HERE for information on postage zones.