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Kia ora, Zelle whānau!

Several Zelle records that had been sold out here at the Zelle head office for quite some time are now back in stock. The reason is that I picked up a few spare copies from friends in NZ. The records that are currently back in stock (in very limited numbers!) are: v. a.: Ae Fond Kiss (ZR004), v. a.: My Bonie Bell (ZR008), Bill Direen & the Bilders: Chrysanthemum Storm (ZR010), Bill Direen/Bilders: Cut (ZR011).

If you live in a country or territory outside Europe, you may find it advisable to consult one of the following sources for copies: Powertool Records, Auckland; Pea Sea Art, Port Chalmers, Dunedin; Relics, Dunedin; Grapefruit Record Club, Omaha, NE, USA.

Bill Direen/Bilders: Cut (ZR011)

Hei konā mai,


New Zelle Fest promo song by Alpaca Brother Steve Cournane

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Alpaca Brothers drummer Steve Cournane has written and recorded a Zelle Fest promo song! We at Zelle records are extremely stoked. Thank you very much, Steve! And hey, it’s so massively good! Let’s just hope the line about the flight will finally hold true. Alpaca Brothers are playing at Zelle Fest, Port Chalmers Town Hall, Dunedin, 6 August 2022, 11:30am.

Haven’t had enough yet? Ok – brace yourself for Zelle Fest 2022

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Thanks to the tireless enthusiasm of everybody involved, there will be a follow-up to 2017’s Zelle Fest.

Zelle Fest 2022, Port Chalmers Town Hall, Dunedin, 6 August 2022, 11.30am. Tickets cost $25 and are available from Under The Radar or Relics, Dunedin.

Now hold on to your knickers because the lineup runs thus: Chris Heazlewood, Ghost Bells, Alpaca Brothers, Jay Clarkson & the Containers, Robert Scott, The Living Clipboards, David Lynch Mob, Francisca Griffin & the Bus Shelter Boys, SEAFOG, The Fuzzies, Buddy, Sense of Time, Paul Winders, darryl baser, Life & Death brigade, Shakes & the Troublemakers, New Delusion.

Yes, this is going to be the very first Alpaca Brothers concert since August 1986! With the assistance of Robert Scott on bass!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Better get your tickets now now now now now!

Downloading and streaming

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Right. So it has finally come to our attention that there has been a thing called progress, alternatively and perhaps less enthusiastically known as change. A vast number of people no longer own record players or buy records. It’s crazy but it’s true. While the vinyl boom may actually be a thing, listening to music on physical media is a niche phenomenon these days, let’s face it. Even YOU!, yes, YOU!! have occasionally listened to (God forbid!) Spotify or downloaded music somewhere, for free or for money, for whatever reason. Admit it. You may not like the idea; neither do I. But hey …

Are computers and other digital … things really the future?

Anyway, not only are most Zelle releases now available on all sorts of horrible streaming platforms (no money has reached us from any of them yet – sorry), you can also download everything ever released by your favourite Kiwi … oops! Austrian label via wonderful Bandcamp. We have our own easy-to-find Bandcamp page, and the stuff you fail to find there has been put up on Bandcamp by the artists themselves, on their own respective pages. That is actually a good thing, as all Zelle records are produced in rather small runs of just, give or take, 300 copies each. “Oh no! That’s not an awful lot! Do you know how may people live in Liechtenstein alone? 30,000!” Yes, I know. We haven’t shouted much about it – yet – but yes, all of our records are in fact very rare and hard to come by limited editions if you think about it. And quite a few have already sold out! While it may be possible to hunt down remaining vinyl copies of Cut or Chrysanthemum Storm by the Bilders or Vorn‘s double-A-side single Repentance Song/Flint And Tinder somewhere, I am very much afraid that downloading those elusive gems will have to be the most common route for most people out there to take.

Ah! You would rather like me to put out a second run of Cut and Chrysanthemum Storm? Ok, it’s only a matter of money. You know where to find me. I still do prefer vinyl, you know.

Noho ora mai,


New Seafog video for upcoming new album

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On 3 January, Zelle flagship band Seafog released their latest song and video, Influences. It’s about, well, influences. And it’s really good! Watch the Influences video here.

Seafog comprises Robin Sharma, Nigel Waters, Martyn Sadler, and Andrew Barsby. The four musicians met through Dunedin Teachers College and have been gigging in various formations around Ōtepoti since the 90s. Bassist Andrew Barsby returned to New Zealand just before the pandemic. Rob attributes Andrew‘s arrival as the perfect opportunity for the three-piece to expand and add a new layer to their sound.

“Our sound is a continuum of progression. We’re a folk, alt, indie rock band. And now that we’ve got Andrew on bass, we’re getting a bit more sonic, crossed with a boogie-ambience”, Rob says.

Influences is the lead single on their upcoming album, Slow Death. Rob says the song is a shout out to the Dunedin Sound music they love and to their friends and whānau – all of whom have influenced them.

The music video features sweeping views of Otago Harbour, along with some of Dunedin‘s most iconic urban musical locations, including the Crown Hotel and Steamer Basin. An Otago Heritage bus also makes an appearance.

The band collaborated with local filmmaker Dan Eady and enlisted the talents of Otago Museum‘s Moa that also features prominently in the book Otago’s Otago published by the museum in 2007.

“My daughter, Emi is a talented musician in her own right, so of course she jumped at the chance to be a part of it. Even if it was just sweating inside a hot and uncomfortable Moa costume”, Rob says with a chuckle.

Influences is available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

No lockdown at Zelle

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Kia ora!

Austria may be in its umpteenth lockdown, thanks to its countless plague facilitators, but guess what: you can order from us regardless. Just do it and see for yourselves.

Hei kona mai,


Post update

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Due to the Covid crisis, international shipping has become a bit of a problem. For the time being, however, things seem to be back to normal at Österreichische Post AG, i.e. postage for a record, or a bunch of records, is currently back to €21.80.

Lachie Hayes’ Zelle Fest show on Bandcamp

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In August 2017, Zelle Fest at the Crown Hotel, Dunedin, brought together many Zelle bands, associated bands, friends and fans. Lachie Hayes & The Roofraisers played a tremendous gig to an enthusiastic audience. Now Lachie Hayes has made his entire show available on Bandcamp. Check it out.

Second Selfie

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Kia ora, Zelle whanau!

Hey kids! Nearly six years after darryl baser‘s Zelle album Raw Selfie, Dunedin’s antihero of alt folk is back with an equally mind-bending follow-up CD – Second Selfie! Only four copies have made it out of NZ so far. Two of them are for sale here at Zelle Records. You better be quick …