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Due to the Covid crisis, international shipping has become a bit of a problem. For the time being, however, things seem to be back to normal at Österreichische Post AG, i.e. postage for a record, or a bunch of records, is currently back to €21.80.

Lachie Hayes’ Zelle Fest show on Bandcamp

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In August 2017, Zelle Fest at the Crown Hotel, Dunedin, brought together many Zelle bands, associated bands, friends and fans. Lachie Hayes & The Roofraisers played a tremendous gig to an enthusiastic audience. Now Lachie Hayes has made his entire show available on Bandcamp. Check it out.

Second Selfie

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Kia ora, Zelle whanau!

Hey kids! Nearly six years after darryl baser‘s Zelle album Raw Selfie, Dunedin’s antihero of alt folk is back with an equally mind-bending follow-up CD – Second Selfie! Only four copies have made it out of NZ so far. Two of them are for sale here at Zelle Records. You better be quick …


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Hey, kids!

While in theory I should have one copy of Bill Direen‘s Cut album left, I cannot really find it in practice. If you want one, I advise you to get in touch with either Bill Direen (South Indies) himself or with Andrew Maitai (Powertool Records) who both still should have sufficient numbers of copies. If you don’t know how to reach them, just drop me a message and I shall enlighten you.



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What is? Well, pretty much everything. I have swung by Recordbag today, and I got back a few records I had left in their care on a sale or return basis and almost forgotten about, to be quite honest. If there is anything missing from your Zelle collection, now is the time to strike! Both our Bill Direen LPs are back in stock, and so are Seafog‘s Raise Your Skinny Fist LP; our first Robbie Burns comp, Ae Fond Kiss, and Francisca GriffinsThe Spaces Between (CocoMuse Releases).

Ferocious – self-titled debut out now

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Ferocious, that’s Bill Direen, Mark Williams and Johannes Contag and NOT just another incarnation of the B(u)ilders. The trio’s eponymous debut CD is now available on the Rattle label. If you’re in Wellington, do’t miss the release show on February 28.

Zelle Records on Spotify etc

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MarineVille: Penguins Ate My Chips (ZR009, 7 March 2017)

Yes, it’s true. The ban has been lifted. I may not like it, but Spotify and all those other streaming services whose names keep illuding me are still around after all those years that I have been trying to ignore them out of existence. The first test balloon that I have launched is the MarineVille album Penguins Ate My Chips (ZR009, 2017). It has been uploaded to RouteNote and is currently being reviewed by RouteNoters. Once that process is finished, you should be able to listen to the album through Spotify and everybody else.

From Dunners to Wieden, from the Water of Leith to the Wien River

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Last week, I took a few of my records to Sissysound Record Store, a brand new vinyl shop in 1040 Wien (Wieden, on the south bank of the Wien River) run by a very nice, decent and charming music enthusiast named Holger. The Zelle Empire keeps spreading. But he has also lots of other swell things. Go and check out his shop.